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Jacques Maritain: The Man and His Metaphysics"

John F. X. Knasas, Editor

© Copyright 1988 by the American Maritain Association

American Maritain Association: Proceedings of the 1987 Annual Meeting held on October 29 - November 1, 1987 in Montreal, Canada, sponsored by the Canadian Maritain Association.

Title Page

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface

Part One: Jacques and Raissa

    Judith Suther
        Poetry, Poetic, and the Maritains

    Bernard Doering
        Loneliness and the Existent: The Dark Nights of Raissa Maritain and Pierre Reverdy

    William Bush
        Raissa, Jacques and the Abyss of Christian Orthodoxy

    John Hellman
        Maritain and the Rise of Fascism

    Pierre L'Abbé
        Maritain and Péguy: A Reassessment

Part Two: Existence and the Existent

A. Introduction

    Thomas De Koninck
         Réflexions sur l'intelligence

B. Being

    John P. Hittinger
        The Intuition of Being: Metaphysics or Poetry

    John F. X. Knasas
        How Thomistic is the Intuition of Being?

    Bertrand Rioux
        L'intuition de l'ȇtre chez Maritain

    Peter Redpath
        Bergsonian Recollections in Maritain

C. Action

    Michel Legault
        De l'existence et de l'éducation

    Ralph Nelson
        Voluntarism in Ethics

    Charles P. O'Donnell
        The Christian Existentialist Political Philosophy of Maritain

    John W. Cooper
        Natural Law and Economic Humanism

    Joseph J. Califano
        Modernization and Human Values

D. The Existent

     John G. Trapani, Jr.
        Foundations of Maritain's Notion of the Artist's "Self"

    Roger Duncan
        Freedom and the unconscious

E. The Free Existent and the Free Eternal Purposes

    John C. Cahalan
        Making something Out of Nihilation

    Michael Torre
        The Sin of Man and the Love of God

    Vukan Kuic
        Existential Realism and Freedom of Choice

    Desmond FitzGerald
        Without Me You Can Do Nothing

    David Higgins
        Evil in Maritain and Lonergan: the Emerging Possibility of a Synthesis

    Laura Westra
        Freedom, Existence and Existentialism

F. Ecce in Pace

    Deal W. Hudson
        Can Happiness Be Saved?


    Raymond Dennehy
        The Contemporaneity of Maritain's Existence and the Existent

    Jean-Louis Allard
        "Le témoignage intellectuellement manifesté"