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Charles De Koninck Papers: Index

    14/13.14S [note: first page missing]

     8/08   S Papacy

    13/09   F Mgr. Paquet
    13/09   S Biography and Teaching of Mgr. Paquet

     7/35   S Paradox concerning the Arithmetization of Geometry
    14/02.16S paradox
    14/17.13S Zeno's paradox

    11/11   F The Paradoxes of a Purely Human Universe [C-83]

     7/05   S Paradoxical Identities

    14/22.01L Mgr. Alphonse-Marie Parent to John Dinneen            1961/0302
    14/22.02L John Dinneen to Mgr, Alphonse-Marie Parent            1961/0310
    15/26.25L John Oesterle to Mgr. Parent                          1953

    10/23   S Parenthood
    10/39   S Parenthood

     1/12   S Parmenides
     3/20   S Parmenides
    12/19   S Parmenides
    13/04   S Parmenides
    13/05   S Parmenides
    13/06   S Parmenides
    13/07   F Study of the Theses of Parmenides [part VII]
    13/07   S Parmenides

     9/06   F Notes on Ia Pars, QQ. 103-119 [On the Divine Government]

     1/08   F Scientific Methodology.  Part I: The Symbol
     1/09   F Part II: The Physical / Mathematical Sciences
     1/10   F Part III: Scientific Methodology
     1/11   F Part IV: Scientific Methodology
     1/12   F Part V: The Variable
     6/02   F The Philosophy of Sir Arthur Eddington: First Part [193-3]
     6/03   f Second Part of Dissertation [193-3]
    13/03   F The Past Constitutes Part of Nature [part III]

    14/24.04S analogical participation
    14/24.04S univocal participation

     2/21   S The Division of Motion According to Quantitative Parts

    14/17.03S Pascal

    13/17   S Passion

    10/37   S Meaning of the Past
    13/03   F The Past Constitutes Part of Nature [part III]

     7/09   F The New Path of the Spirit

    14/04.02S new pathways in science

    11/25   F Notes on Patriotism [193-89]
    11/25   S Patriotism
    11/28   S Patriotism

    10/30   F Pedagogy
    10/31   F Pedagogy
    10/32   F Pedagogy
    10/33   F Philosophical Pedagogy

     6/11   S per accidens
     6/11   S per se
    14/03.01S ens per accidens

    14/18.12L Charles DeKoninck to Rev. Pere Georges Simard, OMI    1948/1119
    15/01   F Dufault, Wilfrid Pere                                 1941
    15/01.01L Charles DeKoninck to Pere Wilfrid Dufault             1941/0409

     8/25   F A Question of the Word of the Perfection of Liberty

     7/32   S Person
     7/33   F Person
     7/33   S Person
    13/22   S Person
    15/10.02L Charles DeKoninck to person unknown

    14/03.01S personalism
    14/04.27S personalism
    14/13.15S personalism
    14/17.06S personalism
    14/17.07S personalism
    15/10.02S personalism
    15/15.03S personalism
    15/16.01S personalism
    15/33.09S personalism
    15/33.13S personalism
    15/33.18S personalism
    15/33.19S personalism
    15/33.20S personalism

    12/04   S Personalists

    10/20   S Personality

    14/01.06S community and personhood

    14/05.10S Maritain's Petite Logique
    14/05.11S Maritain's Petite Logique

    13/12   S Qualities of the Philosopher
    13/13   S Formation and Habits of the Philosopher

    13/06   F Three Categories of Philosophers [part VI]

     1/23   F Philosophical Terminology as Deliberately Ambiguous [C-119]
     4/04   F Philosophical Biology
     4/18   F Evolution in Philosophical Biology [C-76]
    10/33   F Philosophical Pedagogy
    15/24.15S American Catholic Philosophical Association convention

     1/03   S Natural Philosophy
     1/05   F Introduction to the Philosophy of Nature and Science [283]
     1/06   F Philosophy of the Experimental Sciences [Transition]
     2-3    | General Topics in Natural Philosophy
     2-6    % Natural Philosophy
     2/05   S Natural Philosophy
     2/17   F Philosophy of Nature [280]
     2/22   F Philosophy of Science [29]
     2/23   F Philosophy of Nature [223]
     2/23-3/23X Courses on Philosophy of Nature
     2/24   F Philosophy of Nature [227]
     2/25   F Course on the Philosophy of Science                   1934-35
     3/01   F Philosophy of Nature [229]
     3/02   F Philosophy of Nature [230]
     3/03   F Philosophy of Nature [231]
     3/04   F Philosophy of Nature [232]
     3/04   S Natural Philosophy
     3/05   F Philosophy of Nature [233]
     3/06   F Philosophy of Nature [234]
     3/07   F Philosophy of Nature [235]
     3/08   F Philosophy of Nature [236]
     3/09   F Philosophy of Nature [237]
     3/10   F Philosophy of Nature [239]
     3/11   F Philosophy of Nature [240]
     3/12   F Philosophy of Nature [242]
     3/13   F Philosophy of Nature [243]
     3/14   F Philosophy of Nature [244]
     3/15   F Philosophy of Nature [249]
     3/15   S Philosophy of History
     3/17   F Philosophy of Nature [251]
     3/18   F Philosophy of Nature [252]
     3/24   F Notes on Natural Philosophy
     5/03   F The Philosophy of Nature and Mathematics
     5/03   S Natural Philosophy
     5/04   F Mathematics and Philosophy [193-13]
     5/07   F Philosophy of Nature and the Natural Sciences [286]
     5/09   F Notes on Natural Philosophy
     5/11   F Philosophy and the Sciences
     5/13   F Outline for Philosophy of Nature
     5/14   F Distinction between Philosophy of Nature and
     5/14   S Natural Philosophy
     5/14   S Philosophy of Science
     5/21   F Philosophy of Nature [246]
     6/01   F Dissertation: The Philosophy of Sir Arthur Eddington [193-3]
     6/02   F The Philosophy of Sir Arthur Eddington: First Part [193-3]
     6/05   S Philosophy of Science
     6/06-10| Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
     6/07   F Draft of The Manual on the Philosophy of Nature [708]
     6/07   S Philosophy of Nature
     6/09   S Natural Philosophy
     6/10   F Segment of The Manual on the Philosophy of Nature [194-10]
     6/10   S Natural Philosophy
     7/03   F Philosophy of Mathematics
     7/05   S Philosophy of Mathematics
     7/18   F What is Philosophy [C-56]
     7/19   F What is Philosophy [C-70]
     7/28   F Course on Philosophy of History
     7/35   F Three Theses concerning Modern Philosophy [C-89]
     9/16   F Lecture on Authority and Philosophy [C-47]
     9/17   F Philosophy and the Authority of the Church [C-49]
     9/22   F Philosophy and Authority [C-107]
    10/02   F Philosophy and the Science of Man [C-137]
    10/03   S Philosophy of Science
    10/11   F Dialogue on the Problem of Moral Philosophy [C-139]
    10/11   S Moral Philosophy
    10/24   F The New Philosophy of Work
    11/06   S Catholic Moral Philosophy
    11/10   F Lecture on Philosophy [C-48]
    11/10   S Speculative Philosophy
    11/16   S Modern Philosophy
    11/19   F Philosophy and Political Community
    12/09   S Natural Philosophy
    12/19   F History of Ancient Philosophy [71]
    12/19-29| History of Philosophy
    12/23   S Modern Philosophy
    12/26   S History of Philosophy
    12/27   S Modern Philosophy
    12/28   S Contemporary Philosophy
    13/01   F Introduction to Philosophy [part I]
    13/01-11X Introduction to Philosophy 1934-35 [in XI parts]
    13/01-16| Introduction to Philosophy
    13/02   S Milesian Philosophy
    13/04   F Introduction to Philosophy [part IV]
    13/05   F Introduction to Philosophy [part V]
    13/12   F Introduction to Philosophy [1936]
    13/12   S History of Philosophy [Thales to Aristotle]
    13/12   S Method and End of Philosophy
    13/12   S Nature of Philosophy
    13/13   F Introduction to Philosophy [1936]
    13/13   S Purpose of Philosophy
    13/14   F Introduction to Philosophy [1938-39]
    13/15   F Introduction to Philosophy [1939]
    13/15   S Aristotle's Conception of Philosophy
    13/16   F Introduction to Philosophy [1939-40]
    13/16   S Modern Philosophy
    13/23   S Modern Philosophy
    13/23   S Natural Philosophy
    14/01.02S modern philosophy
    14/01.03S modern philosophy
    14/01.06S modern philosophy
    14/01.06S philosophy and theology
    14/01.06S philosophy as art
    14/01.06S philosophy as science
    14/01.06S philosophy of history
    14/01.06S philosophy of science
    14/04.19S philosophy of science
    14/04.22S Gilson's God and Philosophy
    14/04.22S philosophy of nature
    14/04.24S philosophy of nature
    14/05.09S philosophy of mathematics
    14/09.01S The Mansions of Thomistic Philosophy
    14/09.01S philosophy of nature
    14/12.03S philosophy of nature
    14/12.05S philosophy of nature
    14/12.06S philosophy of nature
    14/12.07S philosophy of nature
    14/12.11S philosophy of nature
    14/12.13S philosophy of nature
    14/12.14S philosophy of nature
    14/13.03S philosophy of nature
    14/13.08S philosophy of nature
    14/14.06S philosophy of history
    14/14.13S philosophy of science
    14/14.21S Christian philosophy
    14/17.06S political philosophy
    14/17.11S philosophy of mathematics
    14/17.13S philosophy of nature
    14/17.18S philosophy of nature
    15/10.01S natural philosophy
    15/17.01S natural philosophy
    15/17.02S natural philosophy
    15/24.15S political philosophy
    15/24.19S political philosophy
    15/24.20S political philosophy
    15/24.21S political philosophy
    15/26.04S modern philosophy
    15/26.15S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/26.16S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/26.17S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/26.18S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/26.19S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/26.20S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/27.02S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/27.06S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/27.07S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/27.09S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/28.04S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/28.07S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/28.17S Manual on the Philosophy of Nature
    15/28.17S philosophy of mathematics
    15/28.17S philosophy of nature

    11/23   F Political and Federal Philosophy/Plan [193-89]

    14/17.10S philosphy of mathematics

     1/09   F Part II: The Physical / Mathematical Sciences
     1/09   S Physical Laws
     1/15   S Physical Law
     2/07   F The Noetic Structure of the Physical World [C-81]
     4/08   S Physical Entity
     5/06   F The Signification of Physical Properties
     5/08   S Physical Laws
     5/08   S Physical Theories
     5/27   S Physical Determinism and Liberty
     6/05   S Physical Laws

     1/04   F In What Way the Terms of Experimental Physics are Dialectical
     1/09   S Physics
     2/19   F Physics I [287]
     2/20   F Course on Physics VII and Ethics I.6 [285]
     2/21   F Course on Physics VI [281]
     2/25   S Physics
     3/04   S Mathematical Physics
     3/06   S Proemium to the Physics
     3/09   S Mathematical physics
     3/27   S The Physics
     3/28   F Notes on Physics
     4/02   S Physics
     5/02   S Physics
     5/03   S Mathematical Physics
     5/07   S Mathematical Physics
     5/08   S The Formal Object of Physics
     5/32   S Mathematical Physics
     6/04   S Formal Object of Physics
     6/09   S Mathematical Physics
     7/13   S Physics
    10/03   S Mathematical Physics
    12/09   S Physics
    13/24   S Physics
    14/13.03S Newtonian physics
    15/17.01S physics
    15/17.02S physics
    15/28.04S physics

    15/30   F Pierre-Marie, Mother                                  1954
    15/30.01L Mother Pierre-Marie to Charles DeKoninck              1954/0401
    15/30.02L Charles DeKoninck to Mother Pierre-Marie              1954/0415

     8/41   F Conference on Piety [C-10]
     8/41   S Piety
     9/29   S Piety
    10/08   F The Piety of St. Thomas [C-50]
    10/39   S Filial Piety

     1/08   S Planck
     5/15   S Planck

    10/22   S Natural Family Planning

     3/06   S Plato
    11/04   S Plato
    12/19   S Plato
    14/14.24S Plato

    15/03.02S Plato's cave

    14/24.01S Sr. Plaze

    14/25.02S plurality

    13/22   S Poetics

     2/10   S Poetry
     8/05   S Poetry
    15/02.14S poetry
    15/03.10S poetry
    15/27.03S poetry

     7/03   S Poincare

     8/01   F The Theological Point of View

    11-12   % Political Theory
    11/01   F Marxism and Political Society
    11/15-28| General Political Theory
    11/19   F Philosophy and Political Community
    11/20   F Science and the Political Life
    11/21   S Political Knowledge
    11/23   F Political and Federal Philosophy/Plan [193-89]
    11/24   F Science and Political Prudence [193-89]
    14/17.06S political philosophy
    15/13.01S political theory
    15/13.02S political theory
    15/22.02S political science
    15/24.15S man qua political animal
    15/24.15S political philosophy
    15/24.16S man qua political animal
    15/24.17S man qua political animal
    15/24.19S political philosophy
    15/24.20S political philosophy
    15/24.21S political philosophy

    10/09   S Politics

    12/05   S Pope John XXIII

     7/15   s to Posit Equivocal Causes in Natural Operations?

    15/20.01S logical positivism

    14/11.01S Positivists

     3/01   S Possibility
     3/22   S Impossible and Possibility
     4/14   S Possibility
     5/21   S Possibility
     5/28   F Course on Possibility [284]
     5/28   S Possibility
     5/32   S Possibility
     5/33   F Logical and Real Possibility
     5/33   S Possibility
    14/02.10S possibility

     3/18   S Possible
    10/32   S Possible

     4/12   S Potencies

     2/23   S Potency and Act
     4/13   S Potency
     4/15   S Potency
     4/23   S Potency
     5/29   S Potency
     9/05   S Potency
    14/05.09S potency and act
    14/14.16S potency
    14/15.15S potency
    14/17.03S sufficient potency
    14/17.13S potency + act
    15/28.06S potency

     3/23   S Texts of De Potentia
    13/18   S De Potentia

     1/03   S Potential Intellect

     8/38   S Absolute Power
    14/15.11S power

     1/05   S Speculative and Practical Knowledge
     1/06   S Knowledge [Speculative vs. Practical]
     1/13   S Practical Knowledge
     7/17   F Theoretical and Practical Knowledge
     7/17   S Practical Knowledge
     8/34   S Practical Knowledge
     9/27   S Practical Knowledge
    11/02   S Practical Knowledge
    11/17   S Speculative and Practical Truth
    11/21   S Practical Knowledge
    11/22   F Practical Truth
    14/01.05S practical science
    14/01.06S speculative vs. practical
    14/13.15S practical science
    14/15.01S practical knowledge
    14/17.05S practical vs. speculative truth
    14/17.06S practical reason
    15/12.01S practical
    15/21.01S practical science
    15/23.01S practical syllogism

     8/27   S Prayer
     8/28   S Prayer

     3/18   S Predestination of Christ

     5/28   S Accidental Predication

    14/05.08S Presocratics

     9/25   S Pride
    13/18   S Pride

    12/01   F The Primacy of the Common Good [C-54]

    12/03   F Revue of De la primaute

     2/20   S Prime Mover
     3/05   S Prime Matter
     5/21   S Prime Matter
    14/01.06S prime matter
    14/14.03S prime matter
    14/14.06S prime matter
    14/14.11S prime matter

     1/13   S Principle of Identity
     2/17   S Principle of Individuation
     7/24   S Principle of Contradiction
    11/16   F The Principle of the New Order [C-86]
    14/15.12S principle of non-contradiction
    14/15.13S principle of non-contradiction
    14/16.05S principle of non-contradiction
    14/17.11S correspondence principle
    14/17.13S principle of inertia

     1/06   S Principles and Method
     1/13   S First Principles
     1/14   S First Principles
     2/02   S First Principles
     2/18   S First Principles
     3/11   S First Principles
     3/12   S First Principles
     3/27   F Principles of Nature
     5/21   S The Principles of Becoming
     9/12   S Principles
    14/01.06S first principles
    14/17.05S principles
    14/20.01S principles

     1/09   S The "a priori" in Science

    10/25   S Private Property

     4/13   S Form, Matter, + Privation
    14/01.06S matter, form, and privation
    14/02.26S privation
    14/02.28S privation
    14/17.11S privation

     1/09   S Probability
     3/01   S Probability
     5/26   S Probability
     5/33   S Probability

     2/06   F On the Problem of Certitude [C-77]
    10/11   F Dialogue on the Problem of Moral Philosophy [C-139]
    10/13   F The Problem of Values in French-Canadian Culture [C-55]
    10/19   F The Problem of Youth [C-14]
    14/01.06S problem of knowledge
    14/01.07S the problem of species
    15/24.15S problem of liberty
    15/24.15S problem of species

     1/18   S Modus Procedendi

     1/10   S The Familiar vs. the Scientific Mode of Proceeding
     2/19   S Order of Proceeding

     7/10   F The Idea of Process
     7/10   S Process

     9/06   S Procession

    14/19.14S productive life

     3/06   S Proemium to the Physics

     9/28   F The Profession of Faith

    10/44   S Professor

    10/27   F Counsels to Professors

     5/16   S Scientific Progress
     7/36   S Progress and Decadence
    11/22   S Progress

    10/15   S Prohibition

     7/25   F The Project of Meta-Mathematics
    11/23   S Detailed abstract of the project

     6/11   F Notes from Charles DeKoninck's Projected Textbook

     2/25   S Proper and Common Sensibles
     4/07   S Common and Proper Sensibles
     4/09   F The Doctrine of Proper and Common Sensibles
     4/09   S Proper Sensibles

     5/06   F The Signification of Physical Properties

    10/25   S Private Property
    11/01   S Property

    14/20.02S proposition

    14/15.12S modal propositions
    14/16.05S modal propositions

    14/06.01S protection of childhood
    14/06.02S "The Children's Protection Act"
    14/06.02S protection of childhood

    14/16.03S protestantism

     5/20   S Providence
     5/35   S Providence
     8/34   S Providence
    10/09   F Talk on Ethics and Providence
    10/09   S Providence
    12/12   S providence
    14/16.03S providence
    15/25.17S providence + freewill

    14/05.04L Rev. R.J. Belleperche to his Provincial               1944/0619

     7/17   S Prudence
    10/05   F Law and Prudence
    10/05   S Prudence
    10/06   F The Art of Medicine as a Kind of Prudence [C-108]
    10/06   S Prudence
    10/07   F Notes on Prudence according to Duns Scotus
    10/07   S Prudence
    11/16   S Prudence
    11/17   S Prudence
    11/21   S Prudence
    11/22   S Prudence
    11/24   F Science and Political Prudence [193-89]
    11/24   S Prudence
    11/26   S Prudence
    12/12   S prudence
    12/27   S Art + Prudence
    14/01.06S art and prudence
    14/15.01S prudence
    14/16.04S prudence
    15/19.31S prudence
    15/21.01S prudence

    11/21   F The Revolt against Prudential Truth
    15/12.01S prudential truth

     1/02   F Course on the Methodology of Psychology
     1/02   S Psychology
     4/01-10|Philosophical Psychology [The Study of the Soul]
    15/29.03S psychology
    15/29.04S psychology

     9/28   S Quebec Public School System

    13/28   F Charles DeKoninck's Published Works

     1/21-24| Pure Logic
     7/02   F Pure Mathematics

    11/11   F The Paradoxes of a Purely Human Universe [C-83]

    15/05.23S purification

     4/13   S Purpose
    13/13   S Purpose of Philosophy

    12/19   S Pythagoreans

    13/04   S Pythagorus
    13/06   S Pythagorus