ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

125. Modern Works. -- The following bibliography contains only the works and writings that deal with the philosophy of the Middle Ages in general. Special works will be indicated in their proper places. Besides, the present list is not complete: it embraces only the more important and more recent works.

(1) General works on the history of medieval philosophy. --STÖCKL, Geschichte der Philosophie des Mittelalters, Bd. i.-iii. (Mainz, 1864-1866). An excellent doctrinal work, but now inadequate from bibliographical point of view. HAURÉAU, Histoire de la philosophie scolastique (3 vols., 1872-1880). Scholarly, but misleading in regard to philosophical doctrines, which are badly handled; rationalist point of view; to be consulted with caution. UEBERWEG-HEINZE, Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie, II. Die mittlere oder die patristische und scholastische Zeit (9 Aufl., 1905). Invaluable for its bibliography; revised in part by M. BAUMGARTNER and in part by M. WEHOFER. WINDELBAND, Zur Wissenschafts-geschichte der romanischen Völker (in GRO¨BER'S Grundriss der Geschichte der romanischen Philologie). Objective, very condensed, follows chronological order. WILLMANN, Geschichte der Idealismus, v. ii., Fathers of the Church and Middle Ages (Brunswick, 2nd edit., 1908). A study of systems. Excellent. GONZALEZ, Histoire de la Philosophie, v. ii. Good, but insufficient. ERDMANN, Grundriss d. Geschichte d. Philosophie (4th edit., 1896). Sums up modern works. WERNER'S works embrace practically the whole of the Middle Ages; but they are rather superficial. ADLHOCH, B., Praefationes ad artis Scholasticae inter Occidentales fata (Brunae, 1898). Interesting. The author insists too much on the doctrinal elements, at the expense of chronological order. DE WULF, Histoire de Ia philosophie scolastique dans les Pays-Bas, etc. (Louvain, 1895): a second edition is in the press; Histoire de la philosophie en Belgique (1910); Scholasticism Old and New (tr. Dublin and New York, 1907). The first part contains general views on scholasticism and the Middle Ages. M. PICAVET, Esquisse d'une histoire générale et comparée des philosophies médiévales (2nd edit., Paris, 1907): confounds scholastic philosophy with the religion of the Middle Ages; thinks, -- wrongly, in our opinion, -- that Plotinus is the real founder of medieval scholasticism. BAEUMKER, Die Europäische Philosophie des Mittelalters, in Die Kultur der Gegenwart, i., v. (Berlin, 1909), pp. 288-390. Excellent general views. ENDRES, Geschichte der mittelalterlich. Philosophie im Abendlande (Kempten, 1908). Elementary.

(2) Histories of special branches. -- PRANTL, Geschichte der Logik im Abendlande, Bd. ii.-iv. (Leipzig, 1885,1867,1870). Abounds in quotations of texts. Good bibliography. A valuable work. SIEBECK, Geschichte d. Psychologie, i, 2, Die Psychologie von Aristoteles bis zum Thomas von Aquino (Gotha, 1884). The medieval section is cramped. Articles from same author in the Archiv f. Gesch. d. Philosophie, Bd. i.-ii. (1888-1890). OTTO WILLMANN, Didaktik als Bildungslehre (3rd edit., Brunswick, 1903). The first vol. contains, after the introduction, an historical study, Die geschichtlichen Typen des Bildungswesens, in which are to be found some excellent sections on medieval didactics and pedagogy. WERNER, Entwicklungsgang der mittelalterl. Psychol. (1876). Very subjective, like all Werner's work. MABILLEAU, Histoire de l'atomisme (Paris, 1905). K. LASSWITZ, Geschichte d. Atomistik vom Mittelalter bis Newton (1890).

On the history of the sciences: BERTHELOT, La Chimie au moyen âge (1893). CANTOR, Vorlesungen uber d. Geschichte d. Mathematik, ii. and iii. (1894). HOFER, Histoire de l'astronomie (1873). JESSEN, Botanik d. Gegenwart u. Vorzeit (1864). CARUS, Geschichte d. Zoologie (1872). HASER, Lehrbuch d. Geschichte d. Medecin (1875).

(3) Collections of texts and monographs. -- MIGNE, Patrologiae Cursus Completus. (1) Series Latina, 221 vols., 1844-1845. (2) Series Graeca, 161 vols., 1857-1866, containing numerous editions of medieval works, -- a well-known and very valuable collection. SIGMUND BARAGH, Bibliotheca philosophorum mediae aetatis, 2 vols. appeared in 1876-1878; interrupted; Notices et extraits des mss. de la Bibliothoque nationale: very rich in information about the Latin philosophical MSS. HAURÉAU, Notices et extraits de quelques mss. latins de la Biblioth. nationale, 6 vols., 1890-1893: a collection of notes on the philosophical MSS. in numerical order: valuable. Studies by the same in the Journal des Savants, 1888-90. EHRLE, Bibliotheca theologiae et philosophiae scholasticae, 2 vols. published; interrupted; very reliable. DE WULF, Les Philosophes Belges (forming portion of a wider collection: Les philosophes du moyen âge, Louvain and Paris, 1900-1909), 4 vols. published. Scriptores rerum Britannicarum, contains poems, essays, philosophical works, etc., by English medieval authors. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie des Mittelalters, edited at Münster, by BAEUMKER and VON HERTLING: a collection of the greatest value. From 1891 to 1909, forty-one numbers have appeared.

(4) Works on civilization and the general history of medieval thought. -- REUTER, Geschichte der religiösen Aufklärung im Mittl., 2 Bd. (1875-1877). POOLE, R. L., Illustrations of the History of Medieval Thought (1884): a series of monographs. VON EICKEN, Geschichte und System d. mittelaltr. Weltanschauung (1887). W. DILTHEY, Einleitung in die Geisteswissenschaften (1883), i., 338 and foll. BAEUMKER has promised a work on Die mittelalterliche Weltanschauung in the collection of Below and Meinecke. Handbuch der Mittelalterlichen und neueren Geschichte (Munich, Oldenburg). See collections of EHRHARD and KIRSCH, Forschungen zur Litteratur und Dogmengeschichte (Paderborn); of SDRALEK, Kirchengeschichtl. Abhandlungen (Breslau); and of KNÖPFLER, Veröffentl. aus d. Kirchengesch. Seminar (Munich).

(5) Works on the history of theology and religion. -- FERET, La faculté de théologie de Paris et ses docteurs les plus célèbres. Le moyen âge, Paris, 1894-1897, 4 vols. The first is devoted to the sources and schools of the eleventh and twelfth centuries; the second to the later portion of the thirteenth century; the third to the fourteenth; the fourth to the fifteenth century. Well documented; but not very critical, nor sufficiently full on the history of ideas. HEFELÉ, Histoire des Conciles. SCHWANE, Dogmengeschichte der mittleren Zeit (Freiburg, 1882), from Catholic point of view. HARNACK, Lehrbuch d. Dogmengeschichte, Bd. iii., 3rd edit., 1894 (tr. History of Dogma), Protestant point of view.

(6) Dictionaries. -- FRANCK, Dictionn. des sciences philosoph. (2nd edit., 1875); many articles by M. Hauréau, inspired by the general views of the author. BALDWIN, Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology (1901), weak in all that concerns the Middle Ages. Articles on the philosophy of the Middle Ages in the Grande Encyclopédie, and in the Real-Encyclopedie für Protestant. Theologie u. Kirche, 3rd edit., by HAUCK. Dictionnaire de théologie catholique, by VACANT and MANGENOT, commenced in 1899, 28 nos. appeared up to July, 1909: contains many articles of value on the philosophy of the Middle Ages. HURTER, Nomenclator litterarius theologiae catholicae; vol. i. (down to 1109), 3rd edit, in 1903: valuable. New edit, of vol. ii. (1109-1563). WETZER u. WELTE, Kirchenlexicon, 2nd edit. Dictionary of Christian Biography, by SMITH and WACE.

(7) Auxiliary sciences. -- DUCANGE, Glossarium mediae et infimae latinitatis (1840), 6 vols. So far as we know, there is no special treatise on philosophical paleography: there is need of one, for the philosophical MSS. abound in abbreviations peculiar to themselves. EHRLE, Das Studium der Handschrzften d. mittelalterlichen Scholastik mit besondere Berücksichtigung d. Schule d. hl. Bonaventura (Zeitschr. f. Kath. Theol., 1883, pp. 1-50). On Philology, the collection of TRAUBE, Quellen und Untersuchungen zur lateinischen Philologie des Mittelalters.

(8) Reviews. -- There are no special reviews devoted to the history of medieval philosophy, but numerous articles are to be found in the following: Archiv für Litteratur- und Kirchengeschichte des Mittelalters, by EHRLE and DEN IFLE; the Philosophisches Jahrbuch, by GUTBERLET; the Annales de philosophie chrétienne; the Revue Thomiste, of Fribourg; the Revue Néoscolastique, of Louvain; the Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, by STEIN; the Zeitschrift für katolische Theologie, of Innsbruck; the Jahrbuch für Philosophie und spekulative Theologie, of Paderborn; the Revue des Sciences philosophiques et théologiques, of Kain (Belgium); the Revista di philosophia neo-scolastica, of Florence (since 1909). We may also mention a review devoted to the Middle Ages in general: Bibliothoque de l'école des chartes; le moyen âge (original studies and analyses).

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