ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

159. Sources and Bibliography. -- Works apud Migne, v. 122 (Floss' edit.). His commentaries on Martianus Capella have been edited by HAURÉAU, Not. et Extr., etc., t. 20, pt. ii., 1862. HUBER, Joh. Scotus Erigena (Munich, 1862). ASTIER, Mémoire sur Scot Erigène au congrès des sociétés savantes (Biblioth. École Chartes, t. 62). DRAESEKE, J. Scotus u. dessen Gewährsmännel in Divisione Naturae (Bonwetsch-Seehergs Studien, ix., 2, Leipzig, 1902). TURNER, article in the Catholic Encyclopedia, V., 1909: Eriugena. An exhaustive study of the philosophy of Scotus has not yet been made. On the sources of the De Praedestinatione (an early work in which Pseudo-Denis is not quoted), see Jacquin, op. cit., 155, n.

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