ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

170. Sources and Bibliography. -- Fragments from William of Champeaux in MIGNE (vol. 163) and in Lefèvre. Fragments from Bernard of Chartres in John of Salisbury (Migne, V. 199, cols. 666 and 938). Theoderic's De Sex Dierum Operibus in HAURÉAU (Not. et Extr., etc., vol. 32, pt. ii., p. 167) P. THOMAS, Mélanges, 1884, prints extracts from the commentary on the De Invent. Rhetorica. William of Conches: the De Philosophia Mundi, in Migne, V. 172, cal. 39; Dragmaticon, v. 90, under the title Elementorum Philosophiae, L. IV.; fragments of glosses and commentaries in COUSIN, Ouvr. inéd. d'Abélard, pp. 669 sqq.; JOURDAIN, Notices, etc., V. 20, p. 2.

LEFÈVRE, Les variations de Guillaume de Champeaux et la question des universaux (Lille, 1898). Good; some erroneous renderings of texts. On the Schools of Chartres, see CLERVAL, op. cit. WERNER, Die Kosmologie und Naturlehre d. scholast. Mittel alters mit specieller Besiehung auf Wilhelm von Conches (Sitzungb. K. Akad. wiss. Philos. Kl. Wien, 1873, Bd. 75, p. 309). Good; well documented. STEINSCHNEIDER, Constantinus Africanus und seine Arabische Quellen (Archiv f. pathol. Anatomie u. Physiol., Bd. 37, p. 351). A study of his works.

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