ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

172. Sources and Bibliography. -- See John of Salisbury, Metal., ii., 17. Adelard of Bath: the Quaestiones Naturales are among the Munich Incunabula; the De Eodem et Diverso has been edited by WILLNER, Des Adelard von Bath Traktat de Eodem et Diverso (Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Phil., iv., 1, Münster, 1903), accompanied by a valuable study. The Tractatus de Trinitate of W. of Mortagne is in PEZ, Thesaurus Anecd. Nov., 2: his Letter is in D'ACHERY Specileg., iii. (1723): the De Generibus et Speciebus in Cousin's edition of the unedited works of Abelard.

REINERS, op. cit., 148: interesting and well written, exaggerates the points of difference between the theories expounded. DEHOVE, Qui praecipui fuerint labente XII s. ante introductam Arabum philosophiam temperati realismi antecessores (Lille, 1908).

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