ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

202. Sources of Medieval Mysticism. -- The mystic elevations of St. Augustine (99) found an echo in the Middle Ages. The Stromata and the Pedagogus of St. Clement of Alexandria, the De Institutione Coenobiorum of Cassian and the De Vita Contemplativa attributed to Prosper of Aquitaine, were additional sources of information to the medieval mystics. But it was primarily and mainly to Pseudo-Denis the Areopagite (in the version of Scotus Eriugena) that these had recourse; and we have already remarked that pantheistic as well as individualistic mysticism may be derived from the works of Pseudo-Denis (105). Finally, from the close of the twelfth century the influence of Arabian mysticism (215 sqq.) began to make itself felt.

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