ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

222. Bibliography. -- Broad, general views will be found in MUNCK, Mélanges de Philosophie juive et arabe, etc., Paris, 1859; and in articles by STEIN in the Arch. f. Gesch. d. Philos., VII., 3, p. 353, 1894: pp. 412 sqq., 1898: p. 379, 1899. J. POLLAK, Entwicklung d. arab. u. judischen Philos. im Mittelalter (ibid., xvii., pp. 196, 433). Good. BOER, Geschichte d. Philosophie in Islam (Stuttgart, 1901). Excellent. C. SAUTER, Die peripatetische Philosophie bei den Syrern u. Arabern (ibid., xvii., p. 516, 1904). FORGET, Les Philosophes Arabes et la Philosophie scolastique (Congrès scient. internat., Brussels, 1895, p. 233). HORTEN, Das Buch der Ringsteine Farabis, etc. (Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Philos., Münster, 1906). BROCKELMANN, Geschichte d. Arabischen Litteratur Bd. i., ii. (Weimer, 1898-1902). CARRA DE VAUX, Avicenne, Paris, 1900. Good; contains also a history of Avicenna's forerunners. Same author: Gazali, Paris, 1902. Deals also with Mussulman theology and mysticism. HORTEN, Das Buch der Genesung d. Seele (tr., Leipzig, 1907-1909). MIGUEL ASIN has published a critical study: Algazel, dogmatica moral ascetica, Zaragoza, 1901, and promises a technical dictionary of Mussulman philosophy and theology. STEINSCHNEIDER, Alfarabi des Arabischen Philosophen Leben und Schriften (Mem. of the St. Petersburgh Imperial Academy of Sciences, 7th series, vol. xiii., 4, 1869). WORMS, Die Lehre v. d. Anfanglosigkeit d. Welt bei d. mittelalt. arab. Philos. d. Orients und ihre Bekampf. durch d. arab. Theologen (Beiträge z. Gesch. d. Philos., iii., 4). Examines the influence of Neo-Platonic and Aristotelian teachings on the question. RENAN, Averroès et l'Averroïsme, 5th edit. First part. Good. D. NEUMARK, Gesch. d. judischen Litteratur d. Mittelalters nach Problemen dargestellt (Berlin, 1898), i. and ii. GUTTMANN, Die Religionsphilosophie des Saadja, Göttingen, 1882. Studies Grecian and Arabian sources. W. ENGELKEMPER, Die religionsphilosophische Lehre Saadja Gaons über d. hl. Schrift. Apologetic study of the third part of the Amânât. GUTTMANN, Die Philosophie d. Salomon ibn Gabirol, Göttingen, 1889, and introduction to Wittmann's monograph referred to, 310: Dr. WHITTMANN, Zur Stellung Avencebrol's (Ibn Gebirol's) im Entwicklungsgang d. arabischen Philosophie (Beitr. s. Gesch. Philos. d. Mittel., v., I, Münster, 1905). Shows Avicebron's deviations from Plotinus. MAX DOCTOR, Die Philosophie des Josef (Ibn) Zaddik, etc. Münster, 1895 (Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Philos. d. Mittelalters, ii., 5). STEINSCHNEIDER has written many excellent works on Arabian Philosophy.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries there were published Latin versions of Alfarabi, Gazali, Avicenna and Averroës. Of the latter especialy there were many editions, and his commentaries were included in editions of Aristotle. But all those works have become rare, and critical editions are badly needed. The works of Isaac Israeli were published in Latin in 1515-16. The Amânât of Saadja was published in Arabic by Landauer; a Hebrew edition in 1562 and again in 1789, and a partial German version by Block in 1879. DIETERICI, Die sogenannte Theologie d. Aristoteles, 2 vols., Leipzig, 1882-83, text and German translation. Dr. A. NAGY has edited Alkindi's opuscula, Die philosophischen Abhandl. des Al-Kindis, 1897 (Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Phil. d. MIttelalt., ii., 5).

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