ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

225. General Sources and Works on Western Philosophy in the thirteenth Century. -- One of the chief sources is the Chartulerium Universitatis Parisiensis, edited by DENIFLE and CHATELAIN, first two vols., Paris, 1889-1891, containing documents relating to the history of the University of Paris from 1200 to 1350: a work of the highest value not only for the history of the organization of the University, hut also for information on the philosophical doctrines of the thirteenth century. The scholia published in the large Franciscan edition of the works of St. Bonaventure (Quaracchi, 1882-1902) contain a number of doctrinal documents in which the theories of St. Bonaventure are compared with those of the other leading scholastics of the thirteenth century. Among the general reviews of the great doctrinal movement, scholastic and anti-scholastic, of the thirteenth century, we may set down the splendid work of PÈRE MANDONNET, Siger de Brabant et l'averroïsme latin au xiiie sieècle, part ii. (2nd edit., Louvain, in preparation). HURTER, Nomenclator Litterarius (1109-1563), Innsbruck, 1906.

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