ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

233. Bibliography. -- The sources for the history of the University of Paris have been published in the Chartul. Univ. Paris. (225). See especially the introductions. The notes appended to the documents contain copious information on the medieval doctors. Same authors: the Auctarium Chartul. Univ. Paris. T. I. Liber procuratorum nationis Anglicanae (Alemanniae) ah anno 1333-1406 (Paris, 1894); T. II. ab anno 1406-1466 (1897). MAXWELL, History of the University of Oxford. H. RASHDALL, The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages (Oxford, 1895).

DENIFLE, Die Universitäten d. Mittelalters bis 1400 (Berlin, 1885). Excellent account of their beginnings. CH. THUROT, De l'organisation de l'enseignement dans l'Université de Paris (Paris, 1850). Excellent on many points, though wanting also on many. Is still the best general work on the subject. Ought to be re-edited, incorporating the data brought to light in the Chartularium. Worthy of note also are the works of DOUAIS and FELDER, 237. LUCHAIRE, L'Université de Paris sous Philippe-Auguste (Paris, 1899). Short monograph. E. COPPI, Le Univers. Ital., 2nd edit. Dr. LIESSEN, Die quodlibetischen Disputationen an d. Universität Köln (Progr. d. K. Wilhelm Gymnasium zu Köln 1886, pp. 58-70).

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