ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

252. Sources and Bibliography. -- The best edition of the Summa of Alexander of Hales is the Venice edition, 1575, 4 vols. The Franciscans of Quaracchi are preparing a critical edition which will shed new light on the history of the time. The best monograph on Alexander is that of ENDRES, Des Alexander v. Hales' Leben u. psychologische Lehre (Philos. Jahrb., 1888). On his didactic method cf. PICAVET (v. 180). Relations with Avicebron: GUTTMANN, op. cit., pp. 32-64 (v. 229). VACANT, Alexandre de Hales (Dict. Cath. Théol., 1900, t. i., cols. 775-85): superficial; contains many errors. Cf. EHELE, FELDER and DE MARTIGNÉ (237). STEVENSON, Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln (London, 1899). The De Anima of John de la Rochelle was edited by Domenichelli in 1882. With this work, Hauréau collates (Not. et Extr., etc., v., pp. 45.48) an anonymous treatise De Definitione Multiplici potentiarum Animae.

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