ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

270. Disciples of Albert. -- Albert the Great founded a school. JOHN OF FREIBURG, HUGH OF STRASSBURG and JOHN OF LICHTENBERG followed up his doctrines. Giles (Aegidius) of Lessines was his pupil (313). Apart from St. Thomas of Aquin, the most faithful and representative of Albert's disciples is ULRICH OF STRASSBURG (Ulricius Engelberti). He heard Albert's lectures at Cologne and became himself lecturer on theology at Strassburg (about 1248), and provincial of the Dominican order. In 1277, the very year in which certain Thomistic doctrines were condemned, he repaired to Paris to obtain the title of magister, but he died there without passing beyond the degree of bachelor.

The Summa of Ulrich betrays the same imperfections as the work of his master. Its publication will provide us with new documents for the study of the doctrinal transition from Albert the Great to St. Thomas of Aquin.

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