ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

316. Godfrey of Fontaines: His Life and Works. -- Born at Hozémont (Liége), GODFREY OF FONTAINES appears as magister theologiae at Paris in 1286. He was actu regens for a period of thirteen years, covering the year 1292. He was a canon of Liége, Paris and Cologne, and was chosen to be bishop of Tournai in 1300, but renounced his claims, the election having been contested. He was a member of the Sorbonne and bequeathed to it a large and valuable collection of manuscripts still preserved in the National Library at Paris. He died subsequently to 1303.

The XIV Quodlibeta of Godfrey are probably his sole scientific work: they are to be found in numerous manuscripts, and must have been extensively multiplied and used throughout the schools of France, Italy and England. Henry the Teuton of the Hermits of St. Augustine made an epitome of them, Hervé of Nedellec abridged a portion of them, and the Sorbonnist, Regnier of Cologne (d. prior to 1338), made them the basis of a compendium of theology. The third Quodlibet dates from 1286, the twelfth is posterior to 1290. Godfrey has also left numerous sermons. It is not certain that he is the author of a treatise against the mendicant orders and a series of Quaestiones, annexed to a copy of the Summa contra Gentiles bequeathed by him to the Sorbonne.

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