ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

383. Other Advocates of Ockamism. -- Among other notable terminists were HENRY OF HESSE (Henricus Heynbuck de Hessia, 1325-1397), who was an important figure at the University of Vienna about the year 1385; ALBERT OF SAXONY (de Saxonia de Halberstadt, fl. 1390), who taught at Paris from 1350 to 1360, and at Vienna, making a great display in terminist logic;{1} NICHOLAS OF ORESME, master of theology in 1362, bishop of Lisieux in 1377, died in 1382; JOHN DORP OF LEYDEN, who, after having taught in Paris at the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century, passed to Cologne, where he promoted Ockamism and published commentaries on the writings of Buridan. Henry of Hesse and Nicholas of Oresme are also known in the history of economic theories in the fourteenth century, the one by his Tractatus de contractibus et origine censuum, the other by an important treatise on currency and exchange.{2}

{1} Author of a treatise on Logic, of Quaestiones on the Logic of William of Ockam and on Aristotle's Sophismata (PRANTL, iv., p. 60).

{2} BRANTS, op. cit., p. 20.

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