ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

390. Sources and Bibliography. -- Quodlibeta Undecim, etc., of Hervé of Nédellec (Venice, 1513). Contains also the following treatises of Hervé: De Beatitudine, De Verbo, De Aeternitate Mundi, De Materia Coeli, De Relationibus, De Unitate Formarum, De Virtutibus, De Motu Angeli: rare edition. A portion of the De Unitate Formarum, which the editors of Alamannus attributed to St. Thomas, and which is given in extenso in the 1513 edition, has been reprinted by EHRLE in an appendix to the works of Alamannus, t. iii., pp. 523-82 (Paris, 1894). See Prolegomena to Part ii. The works of Capreolus were edited in 1483, 1514, 1519. New edition of the Defensiones theologicae, by PABAN and PÈGUES (Tours). Five volumes appeared from 1900 to 1904. -- PÈGUES, La biographie de J. Capreolus (Rev. Thomiste, July, 1899). Editions of the Summa Theologica of Antoninus of Florence, 1480, 1781, etc. ILGNER, Die volkswirtschafl. Anschauungen Antonius v. Florens (Paderborn, 1904): Good. New edition of the complete works of Denis the Carthusian, by Dom BARET, commenced in 1896 at the Chartreuse N.-D. near Montreuil, completed at Tournai. T. 15 and 16: Commentaries on Pseudo-Denis; t. 17 and 18: "Summa Fidei orthodoxae et Dialogon de Fide"; t. 19 to 24: Comment, on the Sentences; t. 36 was published in 1908. A. MOUGEL, Dionysius der Kartheuser (1402-1471), sein Leben, sein Wirken, eine Neuausgabe seiner Werke (Mulheim, 1898). Published at Montreuil also from 1897 to 1901 in 8 vols.: Annales Ordinis Cartusiensis ab anne 1084 ad annum 1429, by LE COUTEULX. Editions of Gerson's works, Cologne, 1483; Strassburg, 1488.1502; Paris, 1521 and 1606; Antwerp, 1706. On Gerson, see 395.

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