ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

395. Sources and Bibliography. -- The works of Ruysbroeck, written in Flemish, were translated by GERARD GROOT, his disciple, and by SURIUS. Chief among them are: The Preparation of the Spiritual Espousals, which is regarded as his masterpiece; The Treatise on the Christian Faith; The Spiritual Tabernacle; The Seven Cloisters; The Seven Degrees of Love. For editions of the works of Ruyshroeck, see AUGER, Étude sur les mystiques des Pays-Bas au moyen âge (Brussels, 1892): a valuable study of mysticism. Opera Gersonii editions of 1483. 1488, etc.. 1706 (Antwerp). On Denis the Carthusian, see 390.

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