ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

407. Sources and Bibliography. -- Bradwardine's Causa Dei was edited, with a biography, by SAVILLE of Merton College (London, 1618). His mathematical treatises (De Proprietatibus Velocitatum; De Arithmetica Speculativa; De Geometrie Speculativa) were edited at Venice in 1502 (?) and 1505. Dr. S. HAHN, Thomas Bradwardinus und seine Lehre v. d. menschlichen Willensfreiheit (Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Phil. d. Mittel., v., 2, 1905): good. WERNER has made a study of Bradwardine in Der Augustin. d. späteren Mittel., pp. 234 sqq.; but, as Hahn rightly remarks (p. 12), he is not always intelligible. The reply of Giles to Autrecourt is published by HAURÉAU, Notices et Extr., etc., t. xxxiv., Pt. ii., p.332 (1895). Dr. HASTINGS RASHDALL, Nicholas de Ultricuria. A medieval Hume (Proceedings of Aristot. Society, 1907). J. LAPPE, Nicolaus v. Autrecourt. Sein Leben, seine Philosophie, seine Schriften (Beitr. z. Gesch. Philos. Mitt., Münster, 1908): a critical study: publishes letters of Nicholas to Bernard, of Giles to Nicholas, and extract from letter of Nicholas to Giles.

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