ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

454. Sources and Bibliography. -- Versor's Quaest. s. Vet. Artem are found in the incunabula of Venice (1497) and of Cologne (1486, 1497, 1503); the three latter containing also the Comment. s. Omnes Lib. Novae Logicae and on the De Ente et Essentia. The Comment. on P. Hispanus have been frequently re-edited. So too has the Clipeus Thom. of Nigri, notably at Venice, 1504. The Comment, on the De Ente et Essentia and the Apologetica of G. de Monte were printed at Cologne about 1492, the Comment. alone in 1489. The Comment. of L. de Monte were printed at Cologne, 1488, 1493, 1505, 1511; of G. Harderwijk at Cologne, 1494; of A. de Luyde, Cologne, 1496, 1500, 1507; the Super Art. Vet, of Soncinas at Venice, 1499, 1587; the treatises of J. de Lapide at Basle; the De Fallaciis of Taegius at Pavia, 1511; the treatises of M. Saravetius at Rome, 1516; of D. of Flanders, at Venice, 1514, 1587, at Cologne, 1621; of Manzolus at Venice, 1523; the Summularum Artis Dialecticae Interpretatio of P. of Brussels at Paris, 1508; the Quodlibeta of C. Köllin at Munich, 1523. On all those personages see PRANTL, op. cit., iv., pp. 220 sqq., 273 sqq., from which we borrow much of this bibliographical information. On H. de Campo, D. of Flanders and P. of Brussels, see our Hist. phil. scol. Pays-Bas, pp. 309, 314 sqq.

The commentary of Sylvester Ferrariensis on the Summa contra Gentes went through numerous editions from 1524, in the author's lifetime, at Venice, to the best edition at Paris in 1660. SESTILI brought out the first volume of a new edition at Rome in 1898. Sylvester's other commentaries have been edited at Venice, 1517, 1577, 1619, and at Rome. Cajetan's Opuscula have been edited at Venice (1506, 1587, 1599, etc.), Rome, Paris, Bologna, etc. Still more numerous are the editions of his commentary on the Summa Theologica; the latest is that embodied in the Roman edition of St. Thomas (310). There is no complete edition of Cajetan's works. Two partial collections, covering the whole, appeared at Antwerp in 1612 and at Lyons in 1541, respectively. For details of the various editions, see article by MANDONNET in the Dict. Théol. Cath. (1894, s.v. Cajetan). The three treatises of B. Spina were edited in 1518.

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