ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

461. Sources and Bibliography. -- Numerous editions of the De Locis Theol. of M. Canus, especially that of Serry in 1714. Article of MANDONNET in the Dict. Théol. Cath. (s.v. Cano, 1904). Salamanca edition of Medina, 1577, 1582; Venice, 1586; Cologne, 1619, etc.; of Bannez, Salamanca, 1584, 1588, 1594. The Cursus of John of St. Thomas was edited at Lyons in 1633; previously several editions of various parts had appeared. Re-edited in 1883 (Vivès, 3 vols.). The works of A. de Sena were printed by Plantinus, 1569-1575. The Cursus Conimbricensis was printed as compiled at the end of the sixteenth century, and repeatedly in the early seventeenth. The Disp. Met. of Suarez, first edited in 1597 at Salamanca, has been many times reprinted: so too the De Legibus, which first appeared at Coimbra in 1612. Complete editions of Suarez, 23 folio vols., Venice, 1740; and Paris (Vivès), 1856. The Enarratio of Toletus was reprinted in Rome, 1869. VASQUEZ, Commentariorum ac Disputat. in Iam p. Summae S. Thomae (Antwerp, 1621).

The Summa Philosophiae of C. Alamannus was edited at Paris in 1638-1639 by the Canons Regular of St. Augustine, especially by John Fronteau, chancellor of Ste. Geneviève and of the University. Alamannus having left the Metaphysics unfinished and the Ethics uncommenced, Fronteau finished the one and wrote the other according to the plan of Alamannus. Re-edited in three volumes (with Fronteau's additions) by EHRLE (Paris). Cf. 387, n. 2, and 390. The Quaestiones Philosophicae Lib. V. of Maurus were printed in 1658 and 1670 (Rome), and again in 1875; his commentaries on Aristotle in 1668, and the portions dealing with ethics in 1696-1698. All his commentaries were re-edited by EHRLE (Paris, 1884) : Aristotelis opera omnia quae extant brevi paraphrasi et litterae perpetuo inhaerente expositione illustrata a S. Mauro, 4 vols.

Numerous bibliographical references in WERNER, Die Scholastik d. späteran Mittelalters, IV.: Der Uebergang d. Schol. in ihr nachtrident. Entwickelungsstadium. EHELE, Die päpstl. Encyclik, etc., 3rd art. (120), pp. 388 sqq. FERREIRA-DEUSDADO, La philos. Thomiste en Portugal (R. Néo-scol., 1898, pp. 305 sqq.). Notes and documents on Suarez: WERNER, Fr. Suarez u. d. Scholastik d. letzten Jahrh. (Regensburg, 1861); A. MARTIN, Suarez métaphysicien, commentatenr de S. Thomas (Science cath., 1898, pp. 686 and 819); SCORAILLE, Les écrits inédits de Suarez (études relig., Jan., 1895). On the Salamanca philosophers see excellent articles of EHRLE in the Katholik, 1884, 1885. 4. THE OCKAMIST SCHOOL.

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