ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

463. Sources and Bibliography. -- Logica Mag. P. Mantuani (Venice, 1492). Compendium of P. Pergulensis (Venice, 1498). The last edition of the Callectorium circa IV. Lib. Sent. of Biel is the Lyons edition of 1519. The treatise of Olivier of Siena was published in 1491. J. M. Scotus: Quaestiones in Veterem Artem, etc. (Paris, 1528); Introductorium in Aristotelicam Dialecticam (ibid., 1527); In P. Hispani Summulas Commentaria, (Lyons, etc.) contains numerous dissertations on logic. See PRANTL, op. cit., iv., pp. 194, 230 sqq. RUCH, art, on Biel in the Dict. Théol. Cath., 1904.

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