ND   JMC : History of Medieval Philosophy / by Maurice De Wulf

465. Sources and Bibliography. -- The Formalitates of P. Thomas (Venice, 1515). The Dicta Tinctoris super Summulas P. Hispani (1486). Bricot compiled a Textus abbreviatus Logices (Basle, 1492), on which G. of Brussels wrote a commentary (Lyons, 1504), completed by Bricot himself. The Commentarii or Expositia of Tartaretus was reprinted many times between 1494 and 1621. The Scotellus of P. de Aquila (Paris, 1585). The Dicta of J. Magistri (1490). The Quaest. Quodlibetales or In Scoti Formalitates of Trombeta (Venice, 1493). The works of Frassen and of H. de Montefortino have been recently re-edited: CLAUMUS FRASSEN, Scotus Academicus seu Universa Doctoris Sub tilis Theolog. Dogmata, 12 vols. (Rome, 1903); HIERONYMUS DE MONTEFORTINO, J. D. Scoti, etc. Summa Theologica ex Universis Operibus ejus concinnata, juxta ordinem et dispositionem Summae Angelici Doctoris S. Thomae Aq., 6 vols. (Rome, 1903). PRANTL, op. cit., iv., pp. 268 sqq. § 6. OTHER SCHOLASTIC GROUPS.

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