Jacques Maritain Center : The Range of Reason


THIS BOOK of seventeen chapters contains ten from Raison et Raisons, published in Paris by the Librairie Universelle de France, and some additional essays not contained in the French edition. I hope it has thus been possible to attain a more satisfactory degree of unity. I hesitated to insert the short essay which constitutes Chapter XII because it is only a first draft of some more completely developed pages in my book Man and the State. I have nevertheless kept it, for it seems to me to represent a logical step in the development of the views that I express in the second part of the present meditation on The Range of Reason.

Some of the essays gathered together here were written in English, others in French. I am indebted to Mrs. Pierre Brodin who helped me in revising some of the former and in translating some of the latter. I wish to express my thanks for her cooperation and help.

J. M.

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