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I wish to acknowledge with thanks the permission granted by the following for the use of material of mine which has appeared in English translations under their aegis:

The Commonweal for "The Ways of Faith" and "Blessed Are the Persecuted" reprinted from the issues of November 4, 1949 and October 11, 1946 respectively.

Fortune for "Christian Humanism" reprinted from the April, 1942 issue of Fortune Magazine by special permission of the Editors; Copyright Time Inc.

Jewish Frontier for "The Christian Teaching of the Story of the Crucifixion" reprinted from the issue of August, 1944.

Harper & Brothers for "A New Approach to God" reprinted by permission from Our Emergent Civilization, edited by Ruth Nanda Anschen, Harper & Brothers, New York, 1947.

Liturgical Arts Society, Inc., for "On Artistic Judgment" reprinted from the February, 1943 issue of Liturgical Arts.

The Modern Schoolman for "Philosophical Co-operation and Intellectual Justice" reprinted from the issue of November, 1944.

The Nation for "The Pluralist Principle in Democracy" reprinted from the issue of April, 1945 when it appeared under the title "The Foundations of Democracy," and for "A Faith to Live By" reprinted from the issue of May 17, 1947.

The Review of Metaphysics for "On Knowledge Through Connaturality" reprinted from the issue of June, 1951.

The Review of Politics for "The Meaning of Contemporary Atheism" reprinted from the July, 1949 Review of Politics, Notre Dame, Indiana, and for "The End of Machiavellism" reprinted from the issue of January, 1942.

Thought for "On Human Knowledge" reprinted from the issue of June, 1949.

J. M.

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