St. Thomas Aquinas / by Jacques Maritain

Testimonies of the Popes

Alexander IV (1254-1261)9-237-24(1)
Urban IV (1261-1264)24-3024-28
Clement IV (1265-1268)31-3629-31
Gregory X (1271-1276)37-4132-33
Innocent V (1276) 42-4434-35
Nicholas III (1277-1280)47-5036-38
Martin IV (1281-1285)51P38-39
Honorius IV (1285-1287)52-5339-40
Nicholas IV (1288-1292)54P40-41
Celestine V (1294)55P41
Boniface VIII (1294-1303)56-5742-43
Benedict XI (1303-1304)58-59P43
Clement V (1305-1314)6044
John XXII (1316-1344)61-6944-53
    March 1, 1318. Declares his
    doctrine miraculous. "He
    alone enlightened the Church
    more than all the other
    July 18, 1323. Bull of
    Canonization: "Redemp-
    tionem misit Dominus."6245
Benedict XII (1335-1342)70P53-54
Clement VI (1342-1352)71-7854-61
    1346. Orders the Preachers
    not to deviate from the
    doctrine of St. Thomas.
Innocent VI (1352-1362)7962
Urban V (1362-1370) 80-8662-66
Gregory XI (1370-1378)87-8866-67
Urban VI (1378-1389)89P68
Boniface IX (1389-1404)9068-69
Innocent VII (1404-1406)9170
    July 6, 1406. Confirms
    the doctrine of the Preachers,
    which is the Doctrine of St.
    Thomas; Const. "Decens
    reputamus." 9170
Gregory XII (1406-1415)9271
Alexander V (1409-1410)9371-72
John XXIII (sic)(1410-1415)9472
Martin V (1417-1431)95P73-74
Eugene IV (1431-1447)96-9774-76
Nicholas V (1447-1455)98-9976-78
Calixtus III (1455-1458)100-10178-80
Pius II (1458-1464)10280-81
Paul II (1464-1471)103P81-82
Sixtus IV (1471-1484)10482-83
Innocent VIII (1484-1492)10583-84
Alexander VI (1492-1503)10684
Julius II (1503-1513)108P85-86
Leo X (1513-1521)109-111P86-87
Clement VII (1523-1534)113-115P88-90
Paul III (1534-1549)116-118P90-92
Julius III (1550-1555)119P93
Paul IV (1555-1559)12194-95
Pius IV (1559-1565)12295-96
Pius V (1566-1572)123-12597-101
    April 11, 1567. Proclaims
    St. Thomas Doctor in the
    Const. "Mirabilis Deus."12497
    1570. Orders an edition
    of the complete works of
    Saint Thomas.125100
Gregory XIII (1572-1585)126-127P101-103
Sixtus V (1585-1590)128-130103-106
Clement VIII (1592-1605)134-140108-115
    1594. Recommends ad-
    hering to Saint Thomas
    to the Fathers of the
    Society of Jesus.140114-115
Leo XI (1605)141116
Paul V (1605-1621)142-144116-119
Urban VIII (1624-1644)146-147P120-121
Alexander VII (1655-1667)149-151122-125
Clement X (1670-1676)153127-128
Innocent XI (1676-1689)154-155128-132
Alexander VIII (1689-1691)156133-134
Innocent XII (1691-1700)157-158134-136
Clement XI (1700-1721)159-165136-141
    April 23, 1718. Gives
    his solemn approbation
    to the statutes of the
    Academy of St. Thomas
    in Rome. Const. "Inscrut-
Innocent XIII (1721-1724)166P142-143
Benedict XIII (1724-1730)167-174143-153
Clement XII (1730-1740)175-177153-155
Benedict XIV (1740-1758)178-181155-166
Clement XIII (1758-1769)182-183166-168
Clement XIV (1769-1774)185P168-169
Pius VI (1775-1799)185-186169-170
Pius VII (1800-1823)187171
Leo XII (1823-1829)188172
Pius IX (1846-1878)191-195174-177
Leo XIII (1878-1903)196-365177-271
    August 4, 1879.
    Encycl. "Aeterni
    October 15, 1879.
    Proclaims his intention
    to restore the Roman
    Academy of Saint Thomas
    and to publish the
    complete works. Letter:
    January 18, 1880. Orders
    a new edition of the com-
    plete works of Saint
    Thomas. Motu Proprio:
    "Placere Nobis."226-227200-201
    March 7, 1880. Proclaims
    the necessity of studying
    the philosophy of Saint
    Thomas. Alloc.: "Per-
    gratus Nobis."228-233201-206
    August 4, 1880. Appoints
    St. Thomas universal pat-
    ron of Catholic schools.
    Brief: "Cum hoc sit."238-242208-211
    December 30, 1892. In-
    vites the members of the
    Society of Jesus to follow
    the teaching of Saint
    Thomas. Brief: "Gravis-
    sime Nos." 318-325244-252
    November 25, 1989. The
    same invitation addressed
    to the Friars Minor.352264
    May 9, 1895. Approves
    the new constitutions of
    the Roman Academy of
    St. Thomas. Apostolic
    letter "Constitutiones."341258-260
    September 8, 1899. En-
    cyclical letter to the
    French clergy "Depuis le
Pius X (1903-1914)366-388271-280
    September 8, 1907. En-
    cyclical "Pascendi."376276
    September 1, 1910. Motu
    proprio "Sacrorum Anti-
    stitum."AAS(2), 2 (1910)655-680
    June 29, 1914. Motu pro-680-681695-699
    prio "Doctoris Angelici."AAS, 6 (1914)336-341
    July 27, 1914. Publica-
    tion of the XXIV Thomist682699-702
    theses.AAS, 6 (1914)383-386
Benedict XV (1914-1922)
    December 31, 1914. Motu
    proprio "Non multo" on
    the Roman Academy of
    St. Thomas.AAS, 7 (1915)5-7
    March 7, 1916. Answer
    given by the Congrega-
    tion of Seminaries and
    Universities on the XXIV
    theses.AAS, 8 (1916)156-157
    May 27, 1917. Promulga-
    tion of the new Code of
    Canon Law. (Canon 1366,
    par. 2: "Teachers shall
    adhere religiously to the
    method, doctrine and
    principles" of Saint
    Thomas.) AAS, 9 (1917),Part 2
    June 29, 1921. Encyclical
    "Fausto appentente die."AAS, 13 (1921)329-335
    Pius XI (1922-1939)
    August 1, 1922. Apostolic
    letter on the education of
    the clergy.AAS, 14 (1922)449-458
    June 29, 1923. Encyclical
    "Studiorum Ducem" for
    the sixth centenary of
    Saint Thomas.AAS, 15 (1923)309-326
    May 24, 1931. Apostolic
    Constitution 'Deus sci-
    entiarum Dominus," es-
    specially Art. 29.AAS, 23 (1931)241-262
    December 20, 1935. "Ad
    Catholici Sacerdotii" on
    the priesthood.AAS, 28 (1936)5-53
Pius XII (1939-    ):
    June 24, 1939. "Sollem-
    nis conventus," a sermon
    to ecclesiastical studentsAAS, 31 (1939)245-251
    in Rome.Discorsi,(3) I,211-218
    March 7, 1942. "Quando-
    quidem qui sacris," a let-
    ter to the Master General
    of the Order of Friar
    Preachers: St. Thomas
    Aquinas, patron of allAAS, 34 (1942)96-99
    schools.Discorsi, IV,429-432
    September 17, 1946.
    "Quamvis inquieti," al-
    locution to the newly
    elected General of the
    Society of Jesus and hisAAS, 38 (1946)381-385
    electors. Discorsi, VIII,243-247
    September 25, 1949. "De
    grand coeur," address to
    the members of the In-
    ternational Congress ofAAS, 41 (1949)555-556
    Humanistic Studies.Discorsi, XI,218
    August 12, 1950. "Hu-
    mani generis," encyclical
    concerning some false
    opinions which threaten
    to undermine the founda-
    tions of Catholic doctrine.AAS, 42 (1950)561-578
    September 17, 1950. "Sin-
    gulari animi erga," allo-
    cution to the third Inter-
    national Thomistic Con-
    gress organized by the
    Pontifical Roman Acad-AAS, 42 (1950)734-735
    emy of St. Thomas.Discorsi, XII,205-206
    September 23, 1950.
    "Menti Nostrae," Apos-
    tolic exhortation to the
    priests of the world:
    spiritual perfection.AAS, 42 (1950)657-702
    August 12, 1953. "Oppor-
    tuno sane consilio," let-
    ter to the Rector of the
    Pontifical Gregorian
    University on the fourthAAS, 45 (1953)658-664
    centenary of its founding.Discorsi, XV,661-667
    October 17, 1953. "Ani-
    mus Noster guadio," ad-
    dress to the faculty, stu-
    dents and alumni of the
    Pontifical Gregorian Uni-AAS, 45 (1953)682-690
    versity: fourth centenary.Discorsi, XV,405-414
    September 14, 1955.
    "Nous vous souhaitons,"
    address to members of
    the Fourth International
    Thomistic Congress, on
    Thomistic philosophy
    and modern thought.AAS, 47 (1955)683-691
    March 9, 1956. "C'est
    bien volontiers," address
    to the International
    Union of Archaeological
    Institutes.AAS, 48 (1956)210-216

1. These references are to: J.J. Berthier, O.P., Sanctus Thomas Aquinas "Doctor Communis" Ecclesiae, vol. I.: Testimonia Ecclesiae, Roma 1914. The column on the left refers to the paragraphs, the one on the right to the pages. The letter P indicates an explicit testimony in regard to the Preachers, which implicitly designates Saint Thomas.

2. Acta Apostolicae Sedis; commentarium officiale. Città del Vaticano, Libreria editrice Vaticana, 1909 seq.

3. Discorsi e radiomessaggi di Sua Santità Pio XII. Milano, Società editrice "Vita e Pensiero," 1941, seq.

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