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Books in the Jacques Maritain Center at Notre Dame

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Yandell, Keith E. Basic Issues in the Philosophy of Religion. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1971.

Yearley, Lee H. Mencius and Aquinas: Theories of Virtue and Conceptions of Courage. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1990.

Yeats, William Butler. The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats. New York: Macmillan, 1958.

Yelaja, Shankar A., editor. Authority and Social Work: Concept and Use. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1971.

Young, Louise B. The Mystery of Matter. New York: Oxford University Press, 1965.

Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth. Hannah Arendt: for Love of the World. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1982.

Yourgrau, Wolfgang and Stanley Mandelstam. Variational Principles in Dynamics and Quantum Theory. London: Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, 1955.

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