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Yves R. Simon Papers: Index

    41/07   F Proudhon's childhood and school years: Jeunesse

    48/12   F Despair: "France's Fabulous Young Five" NYT Magazine   1958/03/30

    46/04   F Fr. Marie Etienne Marcel to Yves Simon                 1927-1928
    46/05   F Letters received by Yves Simon                         1926-1928
    46/06   F Aug. Simon to Yves Simon                               1921-1922
    46/08   F Letters to Yves Simon from his brother Jean
    46/10   F Two letters received by Yves Simon
    46/11   F Offprints received by Yves Simon
    46/12   F ThŠses par Yves R. Simon: Memoire sur Charles Dunoyer  1923
    47/08   F Yves Simon's copy of Art et Scolastique (by Maritain)  1920
    48/14   F Notes, many in the hand of Yves Simon (microfilm)
    48/14   f  Typewritten manuscripts annotated by Yves Simon
    49/02   F Charles Dunoyer Memoire [Yves Simon's Dissertation]    1923
    49/03   F Copies of Letters and Press Clippings of Yves Simon    1932-1972
    49/11   F La Campagne d' Ethiopie - Ms by Yves Simon             1936
    49/14   A Yves Simon                                             1942/12
    50/01   F La Grande Crise de la R‚publique Fran‡aise - Ms by YS
    50/02   F La Grande Crise de la R‚publique Fran‡aise - Ms by YS
    50/06   F Par Del… l' Exp‚rience du D‚sespoir - Ms by Yves Simon 1944?
    50/07   F Work - Articles by Yves Simon                          1947,1949
    50/08   A Yves Simon                                             1948/11/28
    50/09   F The Growth of a Christian Philosopher - by Yves Simon  1959/11
    50/10   F Bibliographie de Yves Ren‚ Simon - Anthony O. Simon    1969
    50/11   F Article on Yves Simon by James Corbett (ND Alumnus)    1971/10
    50/12   A Yves Simon (Thought)                                   1979/06