Announcing our 2024 Laub-Novak Fellows

Author: Christopher Enabnit

Congratulations to Cait Duggan and Tyler Castle, inaugural recipients of the Maritain Center's Laub-Novak Fellowship in Philosophy and Public Policy!

Cait and Tyler are both pursuing innovative research projects that address central questions in the public square and incorporate key perspectives from the Catholic tradition. They will join the Maritain Center this summer to advance its initiatives and will remain associated with the Center for the duration of their programs of study.


Young woman with curly brown hair, wearing a blue sweater and black cardigan, smiling before brick wall.
Cait Duggan
young man with brown hear and short beard, wearing white oxford shirt, standing before green wall with small diamond shaped windows
Tyler Castle


Cait Duggan is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Theology. Her research focuses on how civil law can cultivate the civic virtues necessary for harmony in contemporary democratic societies. Cait's research draws upon the contributions of Jacques Maritain and Yves Simon, who together presented Thomistic thought as a resource for liberal democracy.

Tyler Castle is a third-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science, with concentrations in political theory and constitutional studies. He is researching the notion of moderation in Christian political thought, attending especially to the contributions of Augustine, Pascal, and Alexis de Tocqueville. Before coming to Notre Dame, Tyler worked for nearly a decade at the American Enterprise Institute, where he had the opportunity to meet and study with Michael Novak.

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