"What we need is not truths that serve us but a truth we may serve."

-Jacques Maritain

Collaboration with the Pontifical Academy

With its storied history as a hub of research in the world of Thomistic studies, the Jacques Maritain Center is proud of its ongoing collaboration with the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

History of Philosophy Forum

Sponsored by the Jacques Maritain Center, the History of Philosophy Forum is Notre Dame’s hub for research activity in the history of philosophy, drawing scholars across the world to collaborate with our vibrant research community.

Commemorating 800th Anniversary of St. Thomas Aquinas' Birth

The Jacques Maritain Center is sponsoring a series of events to celebrate the legacy of the Angelic Doctor, including the international "Aquinas at 800" conference.

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Together with its extensive library and online bookshelf, the Jacques Maritain Center maintains the archival papers of Jacques Maritain, Yves R. Simon, Charles De Koninck, and Germain Grisez.