Spring 2024 Reading Groups

Nicomachean Ethics Reading Group with Fr. Kevin Flannery, S.J.

Painting of young man with brown hair and beard, wearing a brown Greek tunic and blue mantle, carrying a codex inscribed with the title "Etica" in one hand, with his other hand motioning downward with an open palm.
Fr. Kevin Flannery, Ralph McInerny Distinguished Research Fellow at the Maritain Center, is leading a reading group on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.  This reading group will be an exciting opportunity to benefit from Fr. Flannery's presence on campus. Open to faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students, the group will meet every three weeks, discussing selections of the Nicomachean Ethics to be read in advance alongside commentary material.
If you are interested in participating in this reading group, please fill out this form. Once a list of potential participants has been gathered, a survey will be distributed to finalize a meeting time.
Meetings: Every three weeks, times TBD.

Undergraduate Thomistic Reading Group

Thomas Aquinas, dressed in Dominican habit with mantle, haloed, holding feather pen, inkwell, and codex.

In an address the Notre Dame College of Arts & Letters, Jacques Maritain highlighted undergraduate education as the appropriate time for, "the development of natural intelligence," wherein, "the end is to cause the student to understand, to grasp the meaning and the basic truths of theology and philosophy." Taking this advice to heart, the Jacques Maritain Center undertakes to form undergraduates in the study of philosophy and theology, treating Thomas Aquinas as an exemplary guide. Toward that end, the Center sponsors a reading group on a special theme each semester. 

Spring 2024: The Sermons of St. Thomas Aquinas

As a friar in the burgeoning Dominican Order, St. Thomas Aquinas dedicated himself especially to the mission of preaching. As a Master of the Sacred Page, among his primary responsibilities was delivering sermons to his university community. St. Thomas' sermons, many of which remain accessible to us today, receive relatively little attention in comparison with his prodigious accomplishments in academic philosophy and theology. This reading group will be introduced to a different side of St. Thomas by reading from his sermons, together with Randall B. Smith's, Reading the Sermons of Thomas Aquinas: A Beginner's Guide.

Meetings: Every other week, times TBD.

Contact: Christopher Enabnit